About us

Company profile

Arábikum-2004 Ltd. was founded in 1983.
Our main activities are the manufacturing and trade of rubber parts.
Quality standards:
We are constantly striving to manufacture goods characterized by high precision, flawless construction and reliability. We procure the raw materials needed for production only from partners complying with high standards and ensuring good quality.

Manufacturing technology:

We are continuously following the development of rubber part production technologies. We strive to respond to the demands of our customers taking into account the manufacturing tools, the quality of the raw materials and cost effectiveness. We are continuously improving the quality of the materials used for floor cleaning machines while keeping our prices competitive. The blades used for floor scrubbing need to be soft but wear-proof. They are also required to withstand chemical effects on floors contaminated with acid, alkali or oil. Therefore, we are continuously improving the materials used for squeegee blades, seeking optimal solutions. On some types, the water-permeable rubber blades are ribbed. Using ordinary flat rubber blades with permeable notches provides a much more economical and equally efficient solution. We produce blades with a profile (with a shoulder on a side or in the center) by gluing, which are just as durable as those made by pressing. Although the combined, ribbed squeegee blades used for bidirectional floor cleaning machines are very aesthetical, we can guarantee much better value for money by using the classical solution: a water-permeable blade in the front and a wiper blade in the back.